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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2013

We may not have won the FIBA Asia 2013 gold but I'll take the silver that unified the nation. We're proud of you Team Pilipinas! Big big big shout outs to the players, coaches and everyone who cheered for them. The Philippines is definitely back on the basketball map. No habla Español but we're going to the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain, baby! Woot!
 photo IMG_0360_zps7db947b5.jpg

DJ Mars Miranda with the opening set of the Team Pilipinas party at Aracama.
 photo IMG_0361_zps0079758e.jpg

DJ Ace Ramos and DJ Nix Dam P.
 photo IMG_0365_zpsd421b682.jpg

Gabe, Banjo, Jimmy, Migs, Ace and Nicole.
 photo IMG_0366_zps449d35b4.jpg

The new DVT collection drops this Thursday at Titan Two Parkade! (hat in photo is from '12)
 photo IMG_0368_zpsc826879e.jpg

The French girl on the right, though.
 photo IMG_0369_zpsbbe81d36.jpg

Thank you, Jimmy!
 photo IMG_0370_zps2d9bc64c.jpg

Magic girls.
 photo IMG_0371_zpsc6a53936.jpg

When things started to get crazy.
 photo IMG_0374_zps7562330b.jpg

 photo IMG_0375_zps9b62b924.jpg

 photo IMG_0376_zpsc963cf50.jpg

 photo IMG_0377_zpscbc8c96b.jpg

The first of maybe a dozen shots I downed.
 photo IMG_0379B_zps45589095.jpg

 photo IMG_0380B_zps996c1f29.jpg

 photo IMG_0381_zps940a3cf0.jpg

 photo IMG_0382_zpsd62550b9.jpg

 photo IMG_0383B_zps682b92bc.jpg

Paolo with three quick shots.
 photo IMG_0384_zps2b161562.jpg

Douthit Bout It!
 photo IMG_0385_zps06359c42.jpg

Gonz all lit up.
 photo IMG_0386B_zps175bcc63.jpg

Congratulations, Josh!
 photo IMG_0387_zps92952333.jpg

Swimming pools.
 photo IMG_0388_zps30509f91.jpg

 photo IMG_0390_zps2311001c.jpg

Migs, Ace, Japeth and LA.
 photo IMG_0392_zpsc7d1aa52.jpg

This was surprisingly good.
 photo IMG_0393_zps13b3e512.jpg

 photo IMG_0395_zpsd8fe6343.jpg

I've never seen so many bottles pop in only a couple of hours for a party of less than 50 people. Dom Perignon, Black Label, Jack Daniel's, Patron, Patron XO, Don Papa, Licor 43. I'm talking about multiple bottles each! 
 photo IMG_0396_zpsa461772c.jpg

 photo IMG_0397_zps9bb8772a.jpg

 photo IMG_0399_zpsc2cb9975.jpg

 photo IMG_0400_zps64bd025d.jpg

I enjoy mani in my mouth.
 photo IMG_0401B_zps25e0d0b3.jpg

Mars, Jimmy and Ace.
 photo IMG_0403_zps195751c5.jpg

The bottles kept coming!
 photo IMG_0404_zpscde32b85.jpg

Cheers Team Pilipinas!
 photo IMG_0405_zpsad17b001.jpg

 photo IMG_0407_zpsabb0445a.jpg

 photo IMG_0408_zps93433eee.jpg

 photo IMG_0410_zpsbfee48e6.jpg

Short and tall.
 photo IMG_0411_zpsaf3b0da4.jpg

All those shots just sitting there!
 photo IMG_0412_zps33fb22ac.jpg

 photo IMG_0413_zps45c5fb13.jpg

 photo IMG_0415C_zps3108c3de.jpg

 photo IMG_0416B_zps48a5f2a3.jpg

Hey ladies!
 photo IMG_0418_zps3615c410.jpg

Turnt up!
 photo IMG_0419_zpsf52dcf2e.jpg

Insane. Look at all those bottles barely consumed and they had another one brought out!
 photo IMG_0421_zpsae90b70c.jpg

 photo IMG_0422_zpsdb96f66a.jpg

 photo IMG_0423_zps533632dd.jpg

Belga was gone!
 photo IMG_0424_zpse09f821a.jpg

Jimmy and Banjo.
 photo IMG_0425_zpsad81da1a.jpg

Patricia and Lei.
 photo IMG_0426_zps278b89b7.jpg

Mr. and Mrs.
 photo IMG_0427_zps8c368481.jpg

What did you guys do to Belga? LOL.
 photo IMG_0428_zps9a61ab5a.jpg

What a night!
 photo IMG_0429_zpsce53fcf8.jpg

 photo IMG_0430_zpse731f6a2.jpg

 photo IMG_0432_zpsc9dea723.jpg

 photo IMG_0433_zps1dce548d.jpg

Borough was closed so we ended up here.
 photo IMG_0434_zps4e9ae279.jpg

Shakey's root beer float for breakfast!
 photo IMG_0435_zps27d245be.jpg

With garlic and cheese thin crust pizza.
 photo IMG_0436_zps917d4c7b.jpg

How I felt after a long but fun productive week.
 photo IMG_0438_zps01d36665.jpg

Can I sleep now?

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