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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2013

With all the fun I had during last year's Vans Go Skateboarding Day I made sure I wasn't going to miss this one. I hauled my ass out of bed with only a few hours of sleep plus an injured knee suffered from the day before and headed to Pasay City. I missed the entire competition but made it just in time for the awarding ceremony and musical performances.

You gotta give it to Vans Philippines. Always doing something big for the local skate community! Off the wall, off the heezy.
 photo IMG_1811_zps3a42216c.jpg

(click to play)

World Trade Center.
 photo IMG_1812_zps42bf77a8.jpg

I wanted to go down this ramp but I didn't want to injure my remaining good knee.
 photo IMG_1813_zps886e78bf.jpg

Went straight to the VIP area to get a better view of the stage.
 photo IMG_1816_zps0925859e.jpg

Another great Go Skateboarding Day turnout.
 photo IMG_1817_zpsbc0cae97.jpg

 photo IMG_1819_zpsfa829364.jpg

The Chongkeys are always fun to watch.
 photo IMG_1820_zps639a8cfe.jpg

 photo IMG_1822_zpsb335bf03.jpg

 photo IMG_1824_zps171122b1.jpg

 photo IMG_1825_zpse6123802.jpg

 photo IMG_1826_zps653d581f.jpg

 photo IMG_1830_zps80bda43c.jpg

Believe it or not I stayed away from these. Not even a sip!
 photo IMG_1832_zpsf524649c.jpg

 photo IMG_1834_zpsc978ddf1.jpg

Melvin working on the BL.
 photo IMG_1836_zps93b4613d.jpg

And the winners.
 photo IMG_1837_zpsa9d7e49c.jpg

 photo IMG_1838_zps2b669750.jpg

 photo IMG_1839_zpsbf8ba5dc.jpg

Danita Paner, though. * BITES LOWER LIP *
 photo IMG_1840_zps2f1a6115.jpg

 photo IMG_1841_zpsff1ba870.jpg

 photo IMG_1844_zpsbd1f2b79.jpg

 photo IMG_1845_zpse4629456.jpg

 photo IMG_1846_zps35cab29c.jpg

 photo IMG_1847_zps37347e5e.jpg

 photo IMG_1848_zpsaa43bcc0.jpg

The Don!
 photo IMG_1849_zpsd3c6da8d.jpg

 photo IMG_1851_zpse0885f9b.jpg

I wonder what this dude said to Danita, lol.
 photo IMG_1852_zps5359a830.jpg

Good to see Jeff winning again after his injury.
 photo IMG_1854_zps7f5b0254.jpg

 photo IMG_1855_zps18a6f67e.jpg

 photo IMG_1856_zps58e652d9.jpg

we Legendary and Vans rider Ansey with the top prize!
 photo IMG_1859_zps359b8949.jpg

He's now 30,000 pesos richer.
 photo IMG_1860_zpsb31a6f75.jpg

 photo IMG_1861_zps4032860e.jpg

 photo IMG_1864_zps6f3996ff.jpg

 photo IMG_1867_zpsc7713d69.jpg

What I came here for.
 photo IMG_1869_zpsbebc3eb6.jpg

 photo IMG_1875_zps7278c8f6.jpg

Anikka and Wendell.
 photo IMG_1877_zps590e7ee4.jpg

 photo IMG_1878_zpsd79bf89f.jpg

I enjoyed every minute of this.
 photo IMG_1879_zps7b3f7135.jpg

 photo IMG_1880_zpscec4a2b7.jpg

 photo IMG_1884_zps419d537e.jpg

 photo IMG_1885_zpsb9603ae3.jpg

Wendell with the twins.
 photo IMG_1888_zps63135994.jpg

Willy Santos. This photo reminds me of a The Hundreds campaign years ago.
 photo IMG_1891_zpsa9a536a2.jpg

 photo IMG_1893_zps982eb08f.jpg

First time at Prohibition and look who it is. It's DJ Teaze!
 photo IMG_1894_zps5373bb67.jpg

Sarah, Margaux and Lala.
 photo IMG_1895_zpsff9bf3db.jpg

 photo IMG_1900_zps5857ff49.jpg

 photo IMG_1902_zps393b5fce.jpg

C.R.E.A.M. Team.
 photo IMG_1916_zps878b1e7c.jpg

 photo IMG_1919_zps8ce5637c.jpg

Al accidentally walked into a glass door 15 minutes before this photo was snapped.
 photo IMG_1926B_zps81a21c0e.jpg

This is so funny to me.
 photo IMG_1927_zps7a915347.jpg

Tisoy and tisay.
 photo IMG_1928_zps1ced0f16.jpg

Hey Margaux, can I keep these funky frames?
 photo IMG_1929B_zps0578f385.jpg

There's a fly in my coffee!
 photo IMG_1934_zpsc99f93d9.jpg

Mmmmmm bacon.
 photo IMG_1935_zpsa3f1e20e.jpg

What a weekend.

Thank you Vans!

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