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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 1st anniversary, Aracama! Shout out to Margaux for bringing me as her plus one (I'm not cool enough to get invited to such events). Congratulations to all the owners and the staff! See you again on Sunday for SunDAZED: Tropical Thunder.
 photo IMG_2046_zps60b3ea28.jpg

Got there exactly 8pm, saw Jon Herrera and was handed this list by a server.  photo IMG_2047_zps0b09080b.jpg

R with the Red Dot.
 photo IMG_2049_zpsb8a4c895.jpg

He asked me what I have been up to lately. I said "A lot of nothing." LOL.
 photo IMG_2050_zpsced4768b.jpg

Strike a pose!
 photo IMG_2052_zpsc1d41a8e.jpg

"Attire: Evening Resort Wear"
 photo IMG_2053B_zpse229f963.jpg

This was good.
 photo IMG_2054_zpsaa03333f.jpg

Everything was good!
 photo IMG_2056_zps69abb70c.jpg

Margaux and Dane. ♥
 photo IMG_2057_zps457401db.jpg

I am Don Papa, hahahaha.
 photo IMG_2058_zps44dcd4a3.jpg

Hella good!
 photo IMG_2059_zps30b750fe.jpg

 photo IMG_2061_zps85d422aa.jpg

Thank you!
 photo IMG_2062_zps0c0c7d7d.jpg

DJ Skratchmark with the hipster set.
 photo IMG_2065_zps36770581.jpg

Margaux left early because she had a headache then these two came.
 photo IMG_2069_zps0c1c5242.jpg

 photo IMG_2070_zps0dbd6c9f.jpg

"It's so hard to be a photographer."
 photo IMG_2071_zps456f5040.jpg

White girl! White girl! White girl!
 photo IMG_2072_zpsd80d012d.jpg

Me and my lil sister Maria.
 photo IMG_2074B_zpsd6754d8d.jpg

I wonder what the dude on the right uses on his hair.
 photo IMG_2076_zpsa273537b.jpg

Jumped to Prive after a quick stop at Imperial. I spy
 photo IMG_2078_zps8165ce69.jpg

Shawarma Guys, gaiz.
 photo IMG_2080_zps2644ca47.jpg

 photo IMG_2081_zps3787e76f.jpg

The drive home was a struggle. I thought I was done, son!

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Daymn...that Leica though? Goes hand in hand with the shooter!