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| Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, March 09, 2013

What a turnout! Sun-DAZED just keeps getting better and better. If you don't believe me then ask Bong aka Mr. SoulFiesta!
 photo Bong_zps350c0534.png

Before Sun-DAZED went tequila crazy.

Your beautiful hosts Margaux and Erica. (The Powder Room)
 photo IMGP1810_zpse8083f6a.jpg

New Gourmet Footwear preview.
 photo IMGP1820_zps84663656.jpg

Some good stuff you missed out on.
 photo IMGP1822_zpscf624bce.jpg

 photo IMGP1824_zps1ad8d9c7.jpg

First set by Supermikki!
 photo IMGP1826_zps9790c9fc.jpg

Say what up to DJ Skratchmark.
 photo IMGP1828_zps9d5fd51f.jpg

I know his Air Jordans say Nike Air but I read it as "FUCK YOUR SNEAKERS."
 photo IMGP1830_zpsb1fcf56d.jpg

 photo IMGP1833_zpsf05f3351.jpg

Fish(balls) be with you.
 photo IMGP1836_zps31b2b243.jpg

Shot by Maria
 photo IMGP1837_zpsb3ddbb50.jpg

 photo IMGP1838_zps3e57770e.jpg

What up JC!
 photo IMGP1839_zps50bddea3.jpg

She's always in_rage.
 photo IMGP1840_zps562f8ccc.jpg

What a handsome kid!
 photo IMGP1841_zpsc9d986dc.jpg

DJ Teaze, Sarah and Erica.
 photo IMGP1852_zpsdd3e94da.jpg

 photo IMGP1856_zps3cef4525.jpg

"Yes, this is dog" is back!
 photo IMGP1858_zps729af09f.jpg

 photo IMGP1860_zps0efa3b39.jpg

 photo IMGP1863_zps2ae6e2fb.jpg

Live art.
 photo IMGP1866_zps15fbf728.jpg

 photo IMGP1867_zps2078d4c0.jpg

Small bites before drinking.
 photo IMGP1872_zps13425ee7.jpg

I love taking photos of beautiful people.
 photo IMGP1878_zpsb7a73fbd.jpg

Masters of their crafts.
 photo IMGP1879_zps6e65a1e1.jpg

Maria and her friend.
 photo IMGP1881_zps8dd09c3d.jpg

 photo IMGP1882_zps32a793e2.jpg

La la in the middle.
 photo IMGP1883_zpsec733ba7.jpg

 photo IMGP1884_zpsdf1592f5.jpg

 photo IMGP1885_zps56b93f46.jpg

 photo IMGP1887_zps862c77a0.jpg

 photo IMGP1889_zpsf2fde6a4.jpg

It's always fun to have Jandric and Anikka around.
 photo IMGP1895_zpsc51c1d44.jpg

 photo IMGP1896B_zpsf9f031d8.jpg

 photo IMGP1897_zps2856ad41.jpg

Hey, it's Chris!
 photo IMGP1898_zpsa9dd8d0f.jpg

Almost done.
 photo IMGP1903_zps491c59e4.jpg

Al aka adoborat.
 photo IMGP1904_zps072f28ae.jpg

 photo IMGP1907_zps91c87b80.jpg

 photo IMGP1909_zpseee104ea.jpg

Sun-DAZED regulars.
 photo IMGP1910_zps2ff7e2eb.jpg

 photo IMGP1911_zps87470696.jpg

Turbulent kinda night.
 photo IMGP1912_zpsc9479e19.jpg

Mother and daughter.
 photo IMGP1913_zpsf368e6cb.jpg

She asked for a photo with me last time and it was shit. Maybe this will do? Enh, it's out of focus.
 photo IMGP1914B_zps3b4b4d26.jpg

Better? :p
 photo IMGP1915B_zps3a9f0b2b.jpg

 photo IMGP1916_zps1fcb3795.jpg

With Gourmet Footwear and Sneak Peek's Anton.
 photo IMGP1917B_zps6d526b93.jpg

Raffle time!
 photo IMGP1918_zps10294b25.jpg

 photo IMGP1919_zps4fe7b37a.jpg

 photo IMGP1920_zps388a73eb.jpg

Gourmet Footwear winners.
 photo IMGP1921_zpsd7def429.jpg

More giveaways.
 photo IMGP1922_zps5c01ad51.jpg

 photo IMGP1923_zps74ddb8fe.jpg

 photo IMGP1925_zpsdd9e1f5b.jpg

 photo IMGP1926_zpsa1053d4c.jpg

 photo IMGP1928_zps565e3afd.jpg

Mikki, Anikka and Martin.
 photo IMGP1929_zps127b8e51.jpg

They know what they want. Which one do you want? They're all HERE!
 photo IMGP1932_zps7a029ff6.jpg

Anton had this crazy idea of getting a bottle of Tequila... ON A SUNDAY! You can thank him for the out of focus photos.
 photo IMGP1933_zpsd592f7af.jpg

Anton with Kevin.
 photo IMGP1934_zpsc595c771.jpg

 photo IMGP1935_zpscabc2cff.jpg

 photo IMGP1936_zps81f075f1.jpg

 photo IMGP1937_zps1e5daa73.jpg

Chris rarely drinks but he downed a shot.
 photo IMGP1938B_zps22eb620c.jpg

The look on Erica's face lolololol.
 photo IMGP1939_zps920d2ab2.jpg

B-Roc photobomb!
 photo IMGP1942B_zps6ab3010e.jpg

"Bloggers" unite.
 photo IMGP1943B_zpsd9f16ebe.jpg

Brooklyn has thirst.
 photo IMGP1944_zps511cece3.jpg

Jan-Jay and Barry.
 photo IMGP1945_zps57d2053a.jpg

Bottle down and that should've been it, right?
 photo IMGP1950_zpse6071838.jpg

Nope. Not with Anton around. Second bottle here we go!
 photo IMGP1953_zpsb67a0368.jpg

And a third one just in case.
 photo IMGP1957_zpsf1f081ad.jpg

This kid knows what's up.
 photo IMGP1958_zps9a6a03cc.jpg

Say hello to Red Bull's EJ.
 photo IMGP1959_zps23016116.jpg

 photo IMGP1962_zps53e1bc59.jpg

 photo IMGP1963B_zpsea1f3e61.jpg

 photo IMGP1964B_zpsf1ef10d0.jpg

No blur. My face best describes all the crazy shit that went down.
 photo IMGP1965_zps3d9ee150.jpg

Oh yeah!
 photo IMGP1966_zps3bc3e31f.jpg

 photo IMGP1967_zpsf8c04e3b.jpg

Still going.
 photo IMGP1968_zps621fe04b.jpg

 photo IMGP1969_zps7d43cf83.jpg

 photo IMGP1970_zps01b2d690.jpg

Margaux singing.
 photo IMGP1971_zps2e5b92cc.jpg

 photo IMGP1972_zps666e98c7.jpg

 photo IMGP1973_zps017b25e2.jpg

Pixelate request by Erica, lol.
 photo IMGP1976B_zps8b99ec48.jpg

Cory with his friend, Kelly, Angie and Anikka.
 photo IMGP1977_zps01819bb9.jpg

Mother and son.
 photo IMGP1978_zpsf927927b.jpg

DJ Skratchmark killed it again.
 photo IMGP1979_zps57c646f1.jpg

Yes, I was smashed.
 photo IMGP1981B_zpscdf59c3a.jpg

 photo IMGP1983B_zps76186beb.jpg

 photo IMGP1985_zps2cafba53.jpg

 photo IMGP1986_zpsc0129336.jpg

 photo IMGP1987_zpsb5dee485.jpg

Jandric and Sarah photobombed by Erica and Margaux's hand.
 photo IMGP1989_zps419f2584.jpg

Hey there ladies.
 photo IMGP1991_zps345501b3.jpg

 photo IMGP1993_zpsee7a7567.jpg

 photo IMGP1994_zps49a43484.jpg

 photo IMGP1996_zpsff1bce6f.jpg

S for Secret Service.
 photo IMGP1997B_zpse194b657.jpg

Yeah, I was gone.
 photo IMGP1998B_zpsc4ffffbc.jpg

More good peeps.
 photo IMGP2000_zpsc181dd32.jpg

That was HELLA fun. Thank you all for coming. Let's do it again in 2 weeks? Margaux's birthday is coming up! #YEE

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