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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Visited Titan's HQ for the first time the other day to pick up some of the prizes for #NT's 12th Anniversary on Saturday. Got to chop it up with Raoul and Dennis for a bit before this caught my attention. I love how it was just laying down there like it was nothing.

 Mattel would make a killing if they had this made and sold them to the public!

Toys for the big boys

If you only knew how much effort it took Raoul to keep a straight face over a single joke before this photo was taken

The point of this entry?

If basketball never stops, then why should you?

Gear up because the NBA is back, snitches. Visit Titan's site HERE. Something big is about to go down soon! When? The 10th and the 23rd. * WINK *

Thanks for the tee Dennis.


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