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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I was in the batcave looking at some old Jannine Barredo photos when things started shaking violently. My 10' x 5' shelf almost tipped over. For a second there I thought I was imagining things so I hit up my homey Google and found this SITE. Info about the earthquake was up within seconds. I posted it on facebook along with dozens of friends who felt the earth move under their feet. They also felt the sky tumbling down.

All together now!

♪♪♫♫ I feel the earth move under my feet ♪♪♫♫
♪♪♫♫ I feel the sky tumbling down ♪♪♫♫
♪♪♫♫ I feel my heart start to trembling ♪♪♫♫
♪♪♫♫ Whenever you're around ♪♪♫♫


Dear superior being, please no repeat of 1990.


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