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| Posted in , , , | Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

People camped out for six days and five nights. I wasn't gonna miss the Space Jam release for anything. If it wasn't for the interesting story behind the Lights Out Manny Pacquiao Air Trainer 1, the Air Jordan XI Space Jam would've been my top 1 sneakers of 2009.

Holiday traffic was horrible. We arrived at Nike Park BHS five minutes before the doors opened. Miko and the gang were there as usual and before I could even start shooting photos, he asked if I wanted to join the raffle. I knew he didn't need a pair since he already had one as early as the Pacquiao-Cotto fight (or earlier) and I wasn't looking to pay retail on a pair of Jordans but since our friend based in Davao wanted one, I got one of the last stubs available and dropped my entry in the raffle box.

Shout out to Nike Philippines and Nike Singapore (2009 FTMFW!), Paul and the rest of the Nike Park BHS staff, Mong and Miggy, my ex co-workers who I heard were jipped on their bonuses, sneakerheads and all the NT'ers who rolled through. Until next year!

Joshua leading the pack

Patent and OG Is

The crowd outside. Sooo many familiar faces.

You're always a trip JA. Congratulations on being number two.

JA and Miss Mae

Heavy collectors.

Where's your camera Sam? How can you not cover THE AIR JORDAN EVENT OF THE YEAR? Maybe we should work on getting you another camera. Any sponsors out there? I vouch for the work of this guy. Topnotch I tell you.

Miggy killin' it!

What up Hans!

Good to see you again my dude. Please keep in touch!

Double M

Just a few more minutes!

Kid in the green tee knows what's up

It never gets old

Earn it then rock it. Plain and simple.


Toots and Miko

I can't believe I still have this jersey. I wanted to wear it with nothing underneath but I didn't want to offend people.

Ring 'em up!

Nike powerhouse

Forget the Jumpman, it's all about this on the back of black/cement Air Jordan IIIs.

Weeks after and they're still loving the tee. Who would've known?

Miko amazed at Dexter's pick-ups. Yo, who's the guy in the red fitted? I swear he's always in my sneaker event photos.

I was so hungry I bought two dozen donuts for peeps to share while we waited for the raffle to start

Number 50 is Mr. Armory

Last of the lucky ones

Raffle box

Crowd gathers inside the store for the raffle

Are you ready!?

I wonder if this girl has a website. She snapped so many ugly photos of me. lulz

Why were people surprised I won? Was it because I've never won before? Ha ha. Click to play.

Our winning tickets. I didn't even want a pair but since Miko already won a pair for Mark (
wL), I decided to get my size (US10) and relive my love for Air Jordans. I thought it was the only sneakers I paid for this year until I got home and saw 3 or 4 pairs I got below retail. The last pair I paid full price? The Air Jordan XVII (white/college blue -black) in early 2002.

Sam needs to stop shooting close up shots of random people. I get surprised whenever I upload the photos on my laptop. Look!

There is strength in NUMBERS

Cheers to light draft

Mr. and Mrs. Tabing

Nice Kazukis Armel!

The food

I said well done!

Cerveza goodness

How to kill a mosquito

Okay, hello it's the Martian, Space Jam Jordans.

Sam at it again!

Alvin made it

What was behind the glass, Sam? A candle?

8 plus hours of drinking

And your vision will start to look like this

These Clark Kents are worth robocopping

Again, Nike Park BHS staff not included

I'm excited for what Nike Philippines will have for 2010

We had so much beer I forgot to have dinner. Jollibee 24 hour drive thru FTW!


Merry Christmas to myself!

Looks like 2010 will be a great year for me.


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i think i saw that Joshua (Mr. #1 in line) consigning some stuff the other day in a shop in t.morato. didn't know he's really a hardcore js fan. good job.

oh, mr.armory. nice shop, sir. gshocks!

you guys all have really nice sneakers..but u all don't know how to wear em...u guys look silly.

looking at these pictures makes me hate sneakers and sneaker culture and what has become of nike...u morons make me not want to ever buy another pair of jordans...


hahahaha! how do you wear sneakers, dude?! you effin put them on your effin feet! we dont give a shit?! we'll wear them any which way we want to wear them! sorry , maestro! we just don't care.

hahahaha! haters indeed! that's their problem. i'll wear 'em however i wanna wear them. i'd like to see this dude dress up.....and see if people wld care. you have a good one, dudde!