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| Posted in , , | Posted on Saturday, December 12, 2009

I was invited again to another HSBC party hosted by my ex-boss. Thanks Bing! It was a last minute thing because of some drama in Vizag. It was funny how when I got there, some fucker (who knew me) was surprised to see me and grabbed the guest list to see if I was really invited. Look you hideous looking fool. I wouldn't be there if people higher than you didn't want me there.

On with the videos and photos

Shikko on stage

Ice and her babies

Closing time


Tony's Grill Mindanao Ave.

Parlor games

Lyn won

Once more

Cris and Alex

Shikko and Moppet

Rachel, Alex and Noni

The lovely Ellen, another ex-boss

Thanks again Bing!


Grown men playing with eggplants

The last set

Beer, beer and more beer

Alex with Rico's girlfriend

Monina with Syd

Mommy Rach and Julius

Shikko snapped a photo of his new teammates

The newlyweds

Shikko, Jammi and I headed to Makati after the party for some Lechon Macau

24 hour service FTW


Pass the Lipitor please

Extra crispy

Shikko wanted more cholesterol. Hence, the fried bread for dessert.

Where you at Genghis? Louie should cut your leash for once. Seriously.

Yo Shikko and Jammi. Thanks for picking up the tab.

It was kinda sad not seeing most of my ex-co-workers at the party because they were transferred to another department under a different big boss.

Oh well, at least I got to hang out with some of them.

I'll see you all come January!


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2 you tube videos, at times a mainstay on some posts..I think it is fair enough to say that KC31 made me some sort of a sensation..hehehehehe!

Celebrity? Ha ha.