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| Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, October 09, 2009

I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and it got worse today as I started to show flu-like symptoms. I hate getting sick but instead of staying home, I attended the opening of the sticker show (which was delayed after the typhoon hit the city) at Mo's. I didn't stay long as I was invited to join a farewell party at HSBC. Unfortunately, the account I used to work for has ceased its operations in Manila and my ex coworkers are gonna be transferred to other departments. Good luck to all of you!

Hello MM. Don't even ask me to take this photo down. You already know what I'm gonna say.


Out of focus (click to play)

My contribution is still there!


The World's Local Bank

Nike Park needs to add my name to their VIP list again. * COUGH COUGH *

High St.

Shikko wanted some cupcakes

I was hoping this would clear my throat then it hit me. I HATE WALNUTS.

30 minutes later. HSBC campus.


Analyn with the boys

Vega is allergic to normal things

Rachel and Noni

The bosses

CPT represent!

Dubai bound



Big and bigger

Vic forgot to take his medicine

The 7-foot woman

Mommy D!

Shikko the Sheep

Lei and Giant

Alex and his new girl

I ♥ Ellen

Noni's fingers and Cris

The Boys

Thanks for the invite Bing!

I thought alcohol was gonna do the trick but I felt worse after drinking. I'm definitely gonna be sick the next several days.



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