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| Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, October 04, 2009

For the past few weeks I've been thinking of ways to get rid of my bulging tummy. I asked around and I realized that unless I get a lipo, the only way to flatten it is to exercise, something I haven't done since joining the magazine. I now weigh 180 pounds, 15 above my ideal weight. If I keep this up I'll be 200 pounds by New Year's.

I was supposed to do some light training Sunday but then game 2 of the NCAA finals between The Ateneo and UE was on tv. "Tomorrow," I said to myself. I got up early and when I saw the sun I decided to do my laundry instead.

Maybe I should go on the P90X program?

All this thinking got me hungry.

Lunch out! Le Ching with Armel, Sam and Olive. The two below? Strangers.

Spareribs rice

THE Clothing in the house!

Armel, Lights Out, stitched out

Thank you dinner

Remember this 10 year old tee, CJ? Ha ha.

Draft beer happy hour

This is not the way to lose weight

Shakey's chicken > Jollibee

Hero meatball sammich

Thin crust, perfect with draft beer

Garlic parmesan fries

We were thirsty

Time for comments and suggestions!

* BURP *

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You need to post the OG pic mang. With you looking down. Ha ha