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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, April 03, 2009

Word to DJ AM. Yes, DJ AM.

I was looking at another busy night after getting a last minute approval on my leave application.

First on my plate was the Air Yeezy Launch at Embassy Cuisine.

I was expecting to see a huge crowd because of the hype surrounding the shoe but to my surprise, only around 50 heads showed up. I guess people conserved their energy for today's camp out. If you missed my last update, scroll down for details on the Air Yeezy release.

I overslept and woke up 2 hours before the event. It usually takes me 2-3 hours to get ready and there was no way that I would arrive in time if I did my usual routine (meal, read and reply to emails, surf, bath). I got up, had my clothes ironed, drank a glass of water and took a quick shower. I was out of the house with the quickness. On my way to The Fort, I drove thru Mickey D's for another unhealthy meal of burger, fries and soda.

As always, photos for your enjoyment.

Hellapads (if you don't get it then shut up)

No more "Where are you Yeezy?"

And it's official


With the help of a light on my cellphone, I shot this vid in the dark. Click to play

Bay Area-bred DJ SKRATCHMARK. I always enjoy the dude's set. I saw him at Poleng Lounge SF (for Marky Massive) and at a Nike event in 2007 at The Fort. He knows good music, unlike most of the DJs out there.

Looking like a manequin FTL

Rockin' a pair of Wovens FTW


There you are Yeezy!

Gotta get the glow for the phot-oh

I love Nike peeps

Hopped to a long-time acquaintance's party at Circa, Eastwood. I promised I would check out one of her events soon to see how really fab her events are. After only 31 seconds of witnessing her work, I can say that FabTrix is one of my favorite local promoters. It's ridiculous how this girl works 24/7. Click on her site HERE for more details on how to get fab! Hindi FOB. lol. Good job tonight girl. Thanks for the warm treatment even though this was the first time I saw you in over 10 years.

kingcrux31 x FabTrix

DJ's booth


I specifically told FabTrix that I am allergic to VIP areas (something I got from Sneaker Pimps' Peter Fahey) but she still insisted that I chill with her friends. I didn't want to be rude so I obliged. Good thing they weren't snotty because most of the VIPS I meet are. Learn from DJ AM. Fuckers.

FrabTrix x Jacq Yu

The crew

Jacq Yu: "You know JP?"
Me: "lol"

I don't care who you fine ladies are. I'm still kingcrux31. Ha ha. I kid times 31.

You already know, I love laser lights

Pew pew pew

Pew pew pew


Drove to Bugsy's after to meet up with Mong and the rest of Chicosci. Got to chill a bit and chat with some good peeps. Click on their myspace page HERE to get a sample of their music. Mong emailed me some of their soon to be released tracks and all I can tell you is they are off the heezy.

No Vanessa Hudgens

"It was this long!" I kid I kid :)

Miggy is a rockstar

I am not

Sippin' on Mojito

Niche's hardware

Straight reppin' LA. Watch for this girl to blow up soon. I already see a Raver Cruz and Justine love team. EL OH FUCKING EL.

I had to make a final stop before heading home. I was staaarving. Mister Kabab, yeah?

Shikko the Sheep and Jacket Girl

I know it looks nasty but if you haven't tried one yet, you are missing out. Falafel sammich FTMFW!!! Thanks to my favorite cousin, JR for the tip. See you on August homey!

Shout out to Raoul, Miss Mae (I missed you!), Ryan and Airstab (Ms. Clavel), Bunker Fam, Miko, Toots, Arvin, Tony (good to see you again man) and the rest of the NT'ers who showed their support (good luck in getting your pairs!), FabTrix, Jacq, Krista and her friends (thanks for the company!), Chicosci (Mong, keep your cool mayn), Justine and Niche (nice cam!). My bad if I missed anyone.

The next person who asks "What's with the hair, dude?" will get a serious beating. Ha.

I leave you with this quote before the start of Holy Week.

"Forget a groupie, you'll never get past blowing a roadie."

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always never failing to surpise me crux. always an entertaining and uplifting blog to follow:)

and crux, you smashing o.O?

peace from the west.~LEfty

chick in the grey dress can get it, holla!

Appreciate it Lefty.

Yo i2cky! I <3 HK women. Ha ha.