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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, April 04, 2009

I thought I was gonna die Saturday night. I was sent home for nausea and vomiting. That's what happens to you when you push your body too much with little or no sleep. I felt like my head was about to explode. The new nurse at the clinic knew I was in no condition to work so she sent me home. Driving home took forever even though it was only a 1.5 mile trip. I crashed as soon as I got home and woke up 10 hours later feeling better but not 100%.

It was weird being up at 6am on a Sunday morning. Weird to me at least. I had nothing planned for the day so I sent a spam text to my Globe contacts (Smart FTL) to see who wanted to hang out. I wasn't expecting people to reply since it was a family day but I knew I could count on one person to do so.

My homey PCRIZZZY.

I drove south to Makati after lunch. Paolo wanted wine. I wanted beer. The meeting place? Grappa's!

Now excuse me while I blog like HERE'S A TOWEL WIPE YOUR FACE

The Pen

Makati Shangri-la


Mr. Suave di ba? Paolo's select bottle of wine

Me looking outside

To watch this bird murder a moth

Wowowowow. 2 liters of good beer. I didn't even know they had a 2 liter pitcher. I was surprised coz last time they only had a 2.5 pint pitcher.

Paolo wanted some fries

I wanted calamari

Paolo's bottle

LV Evidence

Paolo and I chatted for a few hours about the most random shit out there from RJ's (Diether's brother) blog and CJ's lack of updates to relationships and him getting a job which can never afford to pay him. Uknown to most, Paolo has a serious side. He's not all about spending $ and working out.


Bye Grappa's!

Posing di ba?

He wanted some yogurt so we stopped by Hobbes and Landes

Melamine FTL

Stopped by this store

Shoe Salon's other store

Aga Mulach lang, di ba? We were faded at this point.

Valet parking FTW/L

Matching shorts. Word to PCRIZZY and waLTer PeeZY. Bakling lang, di ba? Don't even ask why I'm rocking my phat lows again. I love them. Nike can send me 10 pairs of the same shoe and I wouldn't mind. Di ba Miss Mae? Ha ha. I'm down to my last dozen of fresh AAA Ts. CJ, you thurrr?

Bye homo!

After Paolo went home, I realized I was in no condition to drive so I went around the mall to kill some time. My next appointment wasn't until after dinner and I had around 3 hours to burn. I did something which I haven't done in 17 years. I watched a movie by myself. Certified loser status I tell you. Ha ha. I didn't care though. I just wanted to nap. Bought two tickets (to avoid SBS) to Fast and the Furious 4 and got some good rest.

After the movie, I walked some more...

Look at how big this Adidas store is in Greenbelt next to Nike Park


Then I bought something from this store.

Got hungry so I went to Cafe Bola for a quick meal

I always order chicken bola on parmesan cream and ham pasta. It's a simple meal but I get full whenever I order it. Not this time though. It was so salty it felt like drinking beach water. I didn't even finish half.

I was so upset I left them a shiny one peso coin (I'm usually a big tipper)

My last stop was Bugsy's for a very important meeting. All I can say is WE have finally reached a deal.


Things are looking good. VERY GOOD.

Want to know what I bought? Here's a teaser.

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