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Welcome to THE GOOD LIFE

| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 05, 2008

"Now I, I go for mine, I got to shine
Now throw your hands up in the sky
Now I, I go for mine, I got to shine
Now throw your hands up in the sky"

HSBC launched its Lifestyle Card last night in grand fashion by throwing a party at the HSBC Global Resourcing Center in Quezon City. It was a company wide event and we were joined by guests from different HSBC groups.

The event coincided with TRANCHE 2's graduation. I'm glad we did very well during our presentation. Now people know we mean business. 100% intact and ready to take over.

There was a fashion show, contest, bazaar, free food and overflowing beer!

The hosts. What up Alan!

HSBC Lifestyle Card Launch from kingcrux31 on Vimeo.

Special guests

Kitchie Nadal

Yo CJM. I finally found your girl Iya Villania

Tap, tap!

Tranche 2, WHAT!?

My lovely trainer Laura with Jammi

"Is the good life better than the life I live
When I thought that I was gonna go crazy
And now my grandmomma ain't the only girl calling me baby
And if you feeling' me now then put your hands up in the sky
And let me hear you say hey, hey, hey, ooh

post scriptum - Shout outs to Von and Laura (You two are the best!), Michelle and Trish (too bad we didn't get to chop it up), TRANCHE 2 and the rest of the GOOD people I talked to that night. To my tranchemates who made sure I got home safe, I love you guys.

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