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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I love the laundromat I go to. They offer dry cleaning and wash-dry-fold services. You can also use their self-service machines. Wash-dry-fold takes a couple of days so I always do my own laundry.

What's so different about this laundromat? I get superb service. I pay for the tokens, leave my clothes and go back for them whenever. It's like wash-dry-fold but I can get it within the same day. I usually do my laundry when I'm on my last pair of boxers so they know that I have to get my clothes within the same day or else I'll have nothing to wear the following day.

The only problem is it's out of the way and traffic is always heavy around the area. Earlier, I did my laundry and asked if I could go back for it tomorrow. The staff knew I was on my last pair of boxers and suggested that I get my clothes from the security guard manning the compound. ANYTIME! I was like, "Wow! My laundromat is the shiznit!"

After work, around midnight, I drove to the laundromat and looked for the guard. He was playing chess and seemed like he didn't want to be bothered. I asked for my stuff, gave my name and he handed me two sealed plastic bags with my clothes neatly folded. I gave him 20 pesos and said good night.

Yey. I have fresh boxers in the morning.

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