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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, November 07, 2021

We're 2 years into this pandemic and no matter how careful you are, there will still be irresponsible and selfish idiots out there who will get you or your loved one/s sick. So, yeah. This was me yesterday, sticking a swab in my nostrils and twirling it 10 times. Thank God they don't shove it high anymore like how they do in many places still. 

Got to the drive-thru testing site 5 minutes away from the apartment just in time for the last 4:40pm appointment. 

And got this today before 10 am. 

It seems like it's inevitable and we are all bound to get it. It's just a matter of buying time to get more people vaccinated/boosted so we can avoid getting sick for now. I gotta stay healthy until December 1 when I am scheduled to get my Pfizer booster shot. Wish me luck and virus free!

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