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Yesterday I posted a question on Twitter asking what do people wear to a Jeremy Scott event. (Ater I got an invitation from @chuvaness to H&M's Moschino collab launch.) @ilnoj said to dress up like @asaprocky. My old ass had to do some research online when I found out that Asap Rocky was not the same person as Travis Scott and that they were both not part of Migos. I'm sorry! 😂

I was gonna wear a new oversized Supersonics hoodie that was originally meant for @jerichoilagan (but he told me to just pay it forward) with my fav Maui and Sons hat and my Volt Talaria to keep up with the 90's theme but I'm glad I went as myself on a night out because it looked like a fucking fashion runway out there and I was part of the production crew, lol.

Fast forward to the surprise main event of the evening - A fucking 3-song set from Filipino rapper/entertainer/legend Andrew E! I got most of it on video and I'm gonna upload it on YouTube soon. I went up to him after his performance and uttered two words. Tierra Pura. His eyes lit up as I introduced myself. See, before his first hit, he spent a lot of days and nights at my parents' old house inside the music room rapping over beats before and after his Euphoria gigs. Him and my brother Ferdinand were partners-in-crime for a bit. Last time I saw Andrew I was a scrawny 9 or 10 year old kid and was maybe only up to his shoulders. I told him I was proud of him and all of his accomplishments. He asked about my brother and that's when I said good night. 😒

Great seeing all the familiar faces I saw tonight! @nixdamnp @miguel.dualan @iamsachiefierce @d_oca and OMFG I missed you so much @kc.eagle let's work on something soon! #HMoschino

Oh, what a FUCKING night!

Watch parts of his live performance below.

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