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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 22, 2017

Second time a tour guide flaked on us good thing the other people we planned this hike with found another van last minute to take us to the base of Kamanbaneng Peak aka Marlboro Mountain. After a 1 hour brisk muddy hike we made it to the top to see this.

You can't tell me there's no higher being out there.


Longer hike to the summit so don't expect the food to be the same as Kiltepan view. All instant noodles and coffee here.

360 degrees

Above the clouds.

I love Sagada dogs, dawg!

I wonder how cows got here. I barely made it up this far alive.


Peace out, Sagada. You were simply breathtaking!

So, umh, my camera died after this shot. Same lens error that completely killed it last time. #sadbear #rip


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