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| Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Met up with Mark we Legendary last night and he walked in to Guisados holding this. At first I thought it was a Dodger hat but then he handed it to me and said it was his pasalubong from his recent holiday trip to Hawaii. Thanks, dude! Never seen this hat before but as the sticker on the brim says, it's part of the NBA Christmas Collection.
 photo 20160117_012507_zpssxvlqjsa.jpg

The BEST team in NBA history? We'll see in the next several months!
 photo 20160117_012606_zpsvheborrv.jpg

3-Stripe life.
 photo 20160117_012620_zpsq6phfeew.jpg

Nice touch.
 photo 20160117_012743_zpsztmdfiu5.jpg

I mostly wear fitted hats but this will see a lot of action until the end of the NBA season. Go Warriors!

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