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| Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh man, I haven't done of of these in a long time! When Mark we Legendary asked me a few weeks ago to quarterback this release, I said yes with the quickness. How can I say no to a Nike SB collaboration with one of the greatest hip-hop groups ever? It's the Nike Dunk High SB "De La Soul," baby! Imagine rocking these beauties during hot summer months.

Welcome to we Legendary Ronac.
 photo DSC_0001_zps969e1f99.jpg

F*ck hype. It's all about old-school hip-hop, skateboarding and reimagined classic Nike SB Dunks from a decade ago.
 photo DSC_0002_zps428b7e6f.jpg

It's Miss Teaze cutting her we Legendary tee up!
 photo DSC_0003_zpsc79b4fdb.jpg

She's ready.
 photo DSC_0004_zps7e5032dc.jpg

Grab your pair now before they are all gone!
 photo DSC_0005_zpsef9c0285.jpg

Nice fitted. #NT
 photo DSC_0006_zps56519a50.jpg

 photo DSC_0011_zpsb58fdf3b.jpg

What up, Martin! (aka Sole Movement)
 photo DSC_0013_zpsb7b22750.jpg

De La Soul > Kanye/Big Sean/Pusha T. These are just immaculately beautiful.
 photo DSC_0017_zpsa113ec0f.jpg

Even in small sizes. (6 men's)
 photo DSC_0018_zpsab0b4d10.jpg

DJ Skratchmark's we Legendary x Nike Dunk High SB "De La Soul" entry.
 photo DSC_0019_zps2c2571a0.jpg

She's a huge De La Soul fan and I'm glad she finally got a pair in her size! (she has the OG lows in a 8.5)
 photo DSC_0026_zps266225a9.jpg

Can you say 3 Feet High and Rising?
 photo DSC_0030_zpsdc797444.jpg

It's Rad, Yo!
 photo DSC_0034_zps00b13a02.jpg

we Legendary takes care of its customers, guests and staff members. It's pizza time!
 photo DSC_0042_zps0585cd86.jpg

The smile on her face after smelling fresh and hot pizza.
 photo DSC_0045_zpsa74c169e.jpg

What up, Lala!
 photo DSC_0046_zpse8a0e8e7.jpg

Raffle time. we Legendary promised a free pair and 5 free tees to lucky winners.
 photo DSC_0047_zps6694dae1.jpg

Names that appeared on the IG #weLegendary feed.
 photo DSC_0049_zps20df4900.jpg

Top name won a free pair while the rest won free tees. Congratulations to all of you!
 photo DSC_0050_zpsaa50721d.jpg

The lucky bunch.

 photo 1_zps8b89218e.jpg

 photo 2_zpsf4b6c0cd.jpg

 photo 3_zps004a7dd6.jpg

 photo 4_zpsb6bdf0ca.jpg

 photo 5_zpsb9f6a208.jpg

 photo 6_zps8d9f5e40.jpg

20 boxes of Domino's Pizza!
 photo DSC_0052_zps5ea416d0.jpg

And a inflatable pool full of cold beers.
 photo DSC_0053_zpsdb726c26.jpg

Squad up!
 photo DSC_0057_zps0ac730c4.jpg

Pass me a slice, please?
 photo DSC_0058_zps874aeb8b.jpg

Thea still at it.
 photo DSC_0061_zpsf949d164.jpg

we Legendary customers > yours
 photo DSC_0063_zpse9ba5151.jpg

Next up.
 photo DSC_0065_zpsed353940.jpg

Mr. Banana Bread Man aka DJ Skratchmark!
 photo DSC_0069_zpsbc3bc5b1.jpg

Moi we Legendary being a good boy.
 photo DSC_0070_zps7602e62c.jpg

These two, though.
 photo DSC_0076_zpsfaaff14b.jpg

Another happy man with his De La Soul pair and some pizza.
 photo DSC_0079_zpsccd8f423.jpg

I thought these two got married weeks ago!
 photo DSC_0092_zps09b6fb21.jpg

Angelo F*CKING Mendez with Kate in the back.
 photo DSC_0105_zps7299e6a6.jpg

Batang Kamuning x we Legendary
 photo DSC_0106_zpsca976fe2.jpg

Battle ready.
 photo DSC_0111_zps96e7f11b.jpg

And my job is done.
 photo DSC_0114_zps39814a7d.jpg

Good night and thank you, we Legendary Ronac!
 photo DSC_0115_zps44002081.jpg

If you have no idea who De La Soul is and their place in hip-hop history you can always use Google, the same way you Google Kanye's outfits and Jay Z's lyrics. Maybe then you'll appreciate this collaboration more and realize that not every pair worth picking up has major hype behind them. You won't impress other men with these (read: you gay) and resell prices are almost retail (read: get a real job) but at least you'll have a pair that truly represents both hip-hop and skateboarding.


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