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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, January 18, 2015

I missed my chance of seeing the Pope in person today because of a bad left hip but somehow found myself here, dead center, front row, for the PBA Finals game 6 between San Miguel and Alaska. Big shout out to @wendellvans for the ticket!
 photo IMG_20150118_193538-52_zps46e30917.jpg

I cheered for Alaska today because of Titan 22. (And because Paolo Bugia gave Wendell the tickets, lol.)
 photo IMG_20150118_193159-51_zps9122a3df.jpg

The only pair that I have been rocking lately. I love my Puma Disc Blaze OG!
 photo IMG_20150118_203450-55_zps60fe4cb4.jpg

My date so sweet HE got me this. #pause
 photo IMG_20150118_204420-56_zps538a775c.jpg

We headed to Backyard UP Town Center for Chef Edward's birthday salubong.
 photo IMG_20150119_000852-58_zps8eac6347.jpg

Not sure if salted chicken skin or crack. This is so damn good!
 photo IMG_20150119_004935-59_zps5e551743.jpg

Drank going up... on a Sunday!
 photo IMG_20150119_004935-59B_zps0a1a1c41.jpg

 photo IMG_20150119_000829-57_zpseff571b1.jpg

I gotta make it out here again to try the rest of their menu. I heard it was bangin'!

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