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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 08, 2014

For the past month I have been on an Uber roll. What used to be an unnecessary app for me (since I drive myself around), has become one of my favs to use to get from point A to point B and then back. It's cheaper than bringing my own car plus I don't have to worry anymore about looking for parking space. Imagine how thrilled I was when I got this in my email! Free Uber to and from Greenhills? Yes, please!
 photo Screenshot_2014-11-07-14-20-44_zps7caf4dd9.png

Booked uberX going to Greenhills and got a Toyota Vios.
 photo Screenshot_2014-11-10-17-25-38_zps043b9596.png

First stop? A Greenhills original. 6 Kamicos Tacos, boy!
 photo IMG_20141108_194508_zps1b692ec7.jpg

Still hungry so after buying Interstellar tickets we found ourselves at Gloria Maris. Where's Anj?
 photo IMG_20141108_211116_zps9724344d.jpg

The movie was sick! Now time for me to find my own "black hole."
 photo IMG_20141109_004759_zps4ccead27.jpg

Walked over to McDonald's only to find out that they didn't serve the McRib so we UberBlacked it to Makati!
 photo Screenshot_2014-11-10-17-25-32_zpsb1156ffc.png

I know most of y'all think that the McRib is gross (I did too) but I considered trying it for the first time after watching this video.

Yes, I really traveled 4 cities just for this.
 photo IMG_1577_zps7d1b2d9d.jpg

The verdict? It wasn't bad at all. Check out which branches serve the McRib HERE.
 photo IMG_20141109_013134_zpsde2e97e3.jpg

Time to go home! We booked UberBlack and got the same driver and brand new Ford Everest. Dude must've been weirded out to see us again less than 1 hour after we hopped out of his SUV. LOL. Hey, at least he got the same fat tip twice!
 photo Screenshot_2014-11-10-17-25-21_zpsebaeef84.png

The last ride to keep the Uber spending at ZERO pesos for the day.
 photo Screenshot_2014-11-10-17-25-01_zps5fee8120.png

That was fun. I wonder what cool promo Uber Manila will come up with next. Still haven't tried the app yet? Download it using your smarthphone, sign up, use THIS Uber code (uberitdaily) and get free Uber bucks! uberX is just as cheap as a regular cab and you don't have to worry about getting turned down for a ride, adding 50-100 pesos because of heavy traffic or dealing with rude drivers.

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