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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are you looking for an alternative hip and cool sneaker brand that has matching sneakers for you and your significant other? If you like simple lines and the casual look then you better peep Urban Athletics' latest footwear offering - Bucket Feet!
 photo IMG_1009_zpscc2191cd.jpg

Watch this promotional video.

 photo IMG_1018_zpsd94a0d4a.jpg

Everything you need to know about Bucket Feet.
 photo IMG_0992_zpsc0e7dd7c.jpg

The different styles and designs.
 photo IMG_0993_zpsf286411d.jpg

South America represent!
 photo IMG_0994_zps8ae16207.jpg

How about with laces?
 photo IMG_0995_zps25ba7ecc.jpg

East Coast!
 photo IMG_0996_zps22e54404.jpg

Totally digging these.
 photo IMG_0997_zps5ebc5f5b.jpg

West Coast!
 photo IMG_0998_zps1fef5f39.jpg

Classic white and black.
 photo IMG_1001_zpsb7ce7f45.jpg

Far East!
 photo IMG_1002_zps1c285e25.jpg

 photo IMG_1003_zps6fea9826.jpg

Another one from the East Coast.
 photo IMG_1004_zpsd3dba390.jpg

 photo IMG_1005_zpsd58ad220.jpg

Asian persuasion.
 photo IMG_1006_zpsf4acc1f7.jpg

What do you see?
 photo IMG_1007_zpse4c6c0b9.jpg

She's cute!
 photo IMG_1008_zpsd36c765c.jpg

Clean colors.
 photo IMG_1010_zps2a4f3720.jpg

 photo IMG_1012_zps1958d905.jpg

Bay Area!
 photo IMG_1013_zps5623d278.jpg

 photo IMG_1014_zps062d705f.jpg

 photo IMG_1015_zpsdc8ccd03.jpg

 photo IMG_1016_zpsee1c79ad.jpg

The insoles.
 photo IMG_1019_zpse8220fc3.jpg

Not bad, eh?

Visit Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3 2/F for a pair or two!

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