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Check out the new Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3 2/F! It's got every sneaker lifestyle need you seek for.
 photo IMGP6407_zpsefd43ffd.jpg

Let's start with Nike Sportswear, shall we?
 photo IMGP6416_zps9fdd2641.jpg

 photo IMGP6415_zps3026685b.jpg

 photo IMGP6410_zpsa5c8466c.jpg

 photo IMGP6411_zps3a51c094.jpg

 photo IMGP6420_zps1be41452.jpg

 photo IMGP6421_zpsab0aafd7.jpg

 photo IMGP6422_zpsa90ca801.jpg

 photo IMGP6427_zpsc63d3ad7.jpg

 photo IMGP6429_zpsd8b5852a.jpg

 photo IMGP6430_zps5d398962.jpg

 photo IMGP6431_zps57004f4c.jpg

 photo IMGP6432_zpsecf90701.jpg

 photo IMGP6433_zps589d572f.jpg

 photo IMGP6525_zps5055d5c0.jpg

 photo IMGP6528_zpse6d3d4fd.jpg

 photo IMGP6530_zps48ec0d08.jpg

 photo IMGP6532_zps589f5b75.jpg

 photo IMGP6534_zps79f8f770.jpg

 photo IMGP6535_zps5e3f55b2.jpg

Nike Sportswear apparel also available.
 photo IMGP6506_zpsebe1ae8e.jpg

 photo IMGP6434_zps2cb8f3de.jpg

Don't forget the accessories.
 photo IMGP6438_zpsd0fc5e99.jpg

Now let's switch to adidas Originals.
 photo IMGP6446_zps9873d9c5.jpg

 photo IMGP6443_zps185bd6a2.jpg

 photo IMGP6447_zpse8efbcea.jpg

 photo IMGP6448_zpsed5194ba.jpg

 photo IMGP6450_zps65c44d78.jpg

 photo IMGP6451_zps9b434724.jpg

 photo IMGP6453_zpsc8ceb67e.jpg

 photo IMGP6454_zps25856045.jpg

adidas Skate.
 photo IMGP6476_zpsea281b74.jpg

 photo IMGP6478_zps81285cae.jpg

Old-school adidas runners.
 photo IMGP6537_zpse3841f4f.jpg

 photo IMGP6540_zps554ecfdc.jpg

 photo IMGP6541_zps47af8719.jpg

 photo IMGP6542_zps1681469c.jpg

Ladies get love too.
 photo IMGP6543_zps89d97dbe.jpg

The classic of all classics - Converse!
 photo IMGP6456_zps00cd96ea.jpg

Chucks, Jack Purcells, CONS (Converse Skateboarding) and other styles.
 photo IMGP6461_zpscb811ecd.jpg

 photo IMGP6459_zps738a4c06.jpg

Protect ya head.
 photo IMGP6470_zpsd75290c7.jpg

 photo IMGP6471_zpse83c8110.jpg

 photo IMGP6515_zps761839e4.jpg

 photo IMGP6519_zps266a3de9.jpg

 photo IMGP6520_zps7bb33673.jpg

The shoe wall!
 photo IMGP6472_zps5737dbfb.jpg

Dress better.
 photo IMGP6485_zpsb95e3f24.jpg

 photo IMGP6488_zps8d082f52.jpg

 photo IMGP6491_zps307c3b99.jpg

 photo IMGP6493_zpsff72e674.jpg

 photo IMGP6494_zps9cdd4f16.jpg

 photo IMGP6495_zpscd48bc7f.jpg

 photo IMGP6498_zps01113698.jpg

 photo IMGP6499_zpsc08d5821.jpg

 photo IMGP6504_zps3f64bfd4.jpg

A skate original - Vans!
 photo IMGP6507_zpsa3140f9c.jpg

 photo IMGP6509_zpsef31bd7e.jpg

 photo IMGP6510_zps75e64b53.jpg

 photo IMGP6511_zps89560716.jpg

What I had on my feet. (what's up with that pose, though? LOL)
 photo IMGP6482_zpsc6c8f3cc.jpg

The friendly and very helpful staff.
 photo IMGP6546_zps773ea3ae.jpg

I like how things are shaping up for one of my favorite sneaker stores. Visit them soon and tell 'em I sent you! :) 

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