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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, February 22, 2014

Welcome to the NEW, BIGGER and BETTER we Legendary! Let's take a tour inside everyone's favorite skateshop, shall we?
 photo IMG_6597_zps8eed48e7.jpg

The Deck, Ronac. (top floor)
 photo IMG_6598_zpsbe4ad415.jpg

SBTG x we Legendary = A meaningful collaboration
 photo IMG_6602_zps312dc11b.jpg

Oh shit!
 photo IMG_6604_zps66aadef5.jpg

we Legendary turns shit to gold.
 photo IMG_6607_zpse98ccdfa.jpg

Thrasher hats.
 photo IMG_6608_zps9ddb3d15.jpg

Nike SB headgear.
 photo IMG_6609_zps34a3080b.jpg

Choose your weapon/s.
 photo IMG_6611_zps26b0274e.jpg

Thrasher backpack and duffle bag.
 photo IMG_6612_zps587b112e.jpg

Bow Wow would be proud of this.
 photo IMG_6613_zps40a28621.jpg

Enjoy Napalm deck by SBTG and 5thPly! (a we Legendary brand)
 photo IMG_6614_zpse57ed0f5.jpg

Matching wheels.
 photo IMG_6616_zpseeba99f3.jpg

More skate accessories.
 photo IMG_6617_zpsa08bbad0.jpg

 photo IMG_6619_zps148c8cfb.jpg

Beanies to keep your noggin warm.
 photo IMG_6620_zpsdba5efa8.jpg

wL x SWAP timepieces.
 photo IMG_6621_zpsc45b5507.jpg

Tiffany Dunks, whut? I had to bring these bad boys out to show you all that you don't need hype to truly enjoy a pair.
 photo IMG_6622_zps04980c25.jpg

BANKRAP, eh? #yourface

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