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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 20, 2013

Margaux knocked some sense into me today. My weekend would have gone to waste if it wasn't for her. Thanks, dear!

I asked birthday girl Anikka what she wanted to have for dinner. She said "something fried" so I brought her to this joint. It's a new tonkatsu place that recently opened in Serendra. Visit the official Saboten site HERE or view the menu HERE.
 photo IMG_2804_zps2d9913c6.jpg

Warm tea for my bum tummy.
 photo IMG_2806_zpsf039df4b.jpg

Choose your weapon. (sauces)
 photo IMG_2807_zps4b6c875d.jpg

I ordered "Yuki" (SNOW). It comes with unlimited cabbage and pickles, 2 appetizers (I picked chicken salad with Bang Bang Ji dressing and radish salad with plum dressing), pork loin Karaage, unlimited rice and miso soup, 2 deep-fried shrimp, rolled cutlet (I picked cheese) and dessert (I picked green tea ice cream). Not bad for 625 pesos!
 photo IMG_2808_zps9a4a6c36.jpg

I enjoyed everything that they served in front of me.
 photo IMG_2809_zps882823ac.jpg

The verdict? It's better than Yabu. :)
 photo IMG_2811_zpsc7e5201d.jpg

Ice-cold Asahi beer.
 photo IMG_2812_zpsa43dcd08.jpg

Happy birthday?
 photo IMG_2814_zps57a56810.jpg

Headed to Prohibition after to check out DJ Teaze and DJ Skratchmark's sets.
 photo IMG_2815_zpsce6f0ec7.jpg

The only place I go to Saturday nights for good music.
 photo IMG_2817_zps1e966a23.jpg

Birthday girl with Maria and Tini.
 photo IMG_2818_zpscb69a84c.jpg

Jake Cuenca needs to make sense of all this.
 photo IMG_2820B_zpsc4db773a.jpg

Some girl named Anne Curtis-Smith.
 photo IMG_2822_zpsa4a2cd58.jpg

I'm with the DJ!
 photo IMG_2823B_zpsa5d678ce.jpg

Everybody loves Chris.
 photo IMG_2824_zpsbd9c6852.jpg

 photo IMG_2825_zps5da01ec4.jpg

Birthday shot!
 photo IMG_2826A_zpsa1dcf041.jpg

To end the night.
 photo IMG_2826B_zpsd450c174.jpg

 photo IMG_2827_zpsc1256907.jpg

Clam chowder was hella good. The bread? Menh.
 photo IMG_2828_zps45276778.jpg

What I came here for. Grilled chicken pesto sandwich!
 photo IMG_2829_zps88985341.jpg

You're down to 89 lives, bruh.

Birthday greetings to my homegirl Justine Recto who's also celebrating her birthday today! Shots on me after you give birth. :p

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