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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013

Has this what it has come to? A FAKE niketalk group with a FAKE niketalk logo? Whoever is behind this needs to stop. You have no right to represent the group at any event, especially one that's CLEARLY for profit. Even if you ask permission from the NT staff (which includes me), we will never approve of this because the ORIGINAL site donates its proceeds to charity and doesn't pocket a single penny. (full list of donations HERE)

I get it. You have a facebook account (who doesn't?) and one day decided to start a secret group using the NT name. Over time you amassed thousand of likes/followers. You know what? That still doesn't give you the right to use NT (even if you are a registered member). I have shoes of different brands and promote a few stores on this site but you don't see me acting like I own these brands/stores, do you? Having 8,632 members doesn't make your group legitimate. It only means that you fooled that many people into thinking that what you represent is the real NT when it is NOT. What you're doing is worse than wearing fake sneakers. It is not only unacceptable but also fraudulent and illegal.

In addition, SNEAK PEEK is a store that will be opening soon at Shangri-La Plaza Mall (been in the works since last year). It is owned by a big company run by very powerful and influential people. If you want to avoid any legal issues, I suggest you change the name of your event with the quickness. (and please remove the hideous fake NT logo from your poster)

Don't take this entry the wrong way. I am for the growth of the local sneaker scene but please do it the right way. Not this.
 photo FAKENT_zps65637346.jpg

Oh, and niketalk can file a cease and desist order. It's something we'd rather avoid but will do just to protect the NT name. 

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That's a damn shame.