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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, December 10, 2010

I got some nice photos and videos from an event I was invited to but I won't be publishing them after what happened tonight.

I love your brand but your PR sucks. Real talk.

If they don't understand what I do then they shouldn't bother inviting me again. I'm not asking to be hand-fed grapes by semi-naked girls nor am I after free stuff. What I want is to be treated right.

To the PR girl, your co-worker kicked me out from the VIP area without even asking if I had the right stub. Weird because it was YOUR people who gave me VIP access. Just because I lug around a camera that doesn't mean I'm one of your "lowly" bloggers you always trick into attending your events without really making it worth their time. Since I didn't want to make a scene I just asked you to give me a normal stub with all the food stamps in the back. I wanted some ice cream but the vendor didn't want to accept my cash. What did you do? You gave me a used one. Alright you prolly have bad eyes and missed the marked food stamps but how would you feel if I gave you a dirty used plate at a party?

Sneaker Pimps' Peter Fahey said it best when we did the Manila tour in 2005, "They're just sneakers mate! No need for a VIP area."

You tried to make up for it by giving me a loot bag with random useless stuff inside even after you clearly told me over the phone that you had nothing for me. Niiiiiiiice but no thanks. When did I say I wanted free stuff?

Three strikes and yerrr out!

Let me spell it out for you. My affiliation goes more with the people behind the brand than the actual brand. If you don't get that then quit your job pronto.

At least these folks are starting to get it.

You left out Karen!


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man... them people don't know who they messin' with...