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What happened Usher?

| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, May 25, 2008

I downloaded Usher's new album this morning entitled "Here I Stand." Listened to every track several times. Now I've been an Usher fan since his '97 and I've been waiting for this album to drop since early this year.

My thoughts
- Too many tracks
- What happened to all those fuck me songs he's known for? :(
- I can only name 4 or 5 fav tracks, maybe 2 outstanding ones
- Man that track with Will.I.Am is trash

Some tracks you should try listening to
- Trading Places
- Love You Gently
- Best Thing feat. Jay-Z
- Before I Met You
- His Mistakes
- What's a Man To Do
- Lifetime
- Love In This Club Part 2 feat. Beyonce and Lil Wayne

Click here to download
Usher - Here I Stand

I give this album 3 out of 5 stars.

Comments (2)

Ion care what you say. Usher is still sex!!

Usher, he's married now that's what happened. Give it a year and a half and he'll be back singing the same tunes he's well known for.